Re: Err..To Desktop Or Not To Desktop?

| Bowie J. Poag |
| Sand and grit in a concrete base.                            |

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Dan Kaminsky wrote:

> >and does not want to be confronted with a final
> >document to nod at.
> I don't know about you, Tom, but I don't hold Bowie in such esteem that I'd
> blindly nod at whatever he suggests.  ;-)

:P  :)  

If you guys are really having that hard of a time figuring me out, go to, and look up the personality profile of a "Rational
Fieldmarshal".:) That should keep you busy.  

> >I really, really, REALLY believe this list should have a part in the style
> >guide aside from seing the final version five minutes earlier than everyone
> >else.
> We are having a part.  It's just a one way part--we talk, he listens and
> incorporates, and then once he's done incorporating the various components
> together in some total sum, we can thrash it around.

Exactly -- However, its BOTH ways! I toss some ideas, you bat them back to
me with your spin on it, in addition to the ideas you come up with on your
own. Cooperation is a two-way street. 

> As long as Bowie doesn't expect his first draft to be his final, there's no
> problem.

Absolutely. I expect to go around the block at least 10 times with this --
That is, 10 subsequent revisions before all of us collectively put our
stamp of approval on it. It is NOT going to be a "My way, or the highway"


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