Re: Start Menu vs. Panel

Hi Berin,

This is a very good analysis.  Sorry I don't have more to say about it.  You can take my silence as agreement.


Berin Loritsch wrote:

> The current problem with gnome is with the uninstall process.  You
> still have the windows style problem of removing an entry if you
> change its location.  My proposal is to add a 32bit key for every app,
> and the uninstall process searches for the 32bit key.  That way, if
> the user decides to change the location AND the name of the entry,
> the program will still be able to find the correct entry.

This is smart, and I hope it eventually gets implemented.

> If GNOME does not do this already, I think
> that it should allow the menus to STAY OPEN while you respond to the
> new dialog box.

Isn't this a widget problem?  Wouldn't the menu have to be fixed in GTK, rather than in GNOME?  I do think that
GNOME should make it a priority to see that this is fixed.

> Can we move on to app specific details we all need to know for the UI
> guidelines now?

Yeah, it'd be about time.  Got any suggestions?


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