extra menus on panel

I've been reading this list for quite a few months, but this is my first

An interface is most efficient when it is task oriented -- that's a
given.  The great thing about the panel is that, besides the main
'gnomeprint' menu, other top-level menus can be attached, allowing
common tasks to be completed quicker.

For example:  say one of my most frequent tasks is doing maths
assignments.  In addition to the 'gnomeprint' menu, where general tasks
are completed, I have an additional 'maths' menu, which hold refs to:

* LyX
* calculator
* a graphing program
* cd player (because I listen to cds while I work)

Note two details:
1) not all items are neccesarily inter-related; and
2) my 'maths' menu is related to a task which would not be helpful to
many others.

My point?  The gnomeprint menu should be the only top-level menu on the
panel by default, with apps stored in sub-menus sorted by catagory. 
This leaves the user to add additional top-level menus as needed
personally by himself/herself.

This is beneficial in that it allows the user to organise their
thought-process more logically:  do maths -- goto maths folder;  browse
web -- goto net folder;  do something uncommon -- goto gnomeprint
folder.  Every folder on the panel (bar the gnomeprint menu) should be
unique to that user's needs.

Adding extra folders by default to demonstrate that it's possible is
akin to arguing that we do it because we can.  Leave the customisation
to the user.

Am I making sense?


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