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From: Pablo Saratxaga <>
To: Dan Kaminsky <>
Date: Saturday, July 25, 1998 5:27 PM
Subject: Re: Oh yeah...apropos/web/tabbing in GNOME

>Kaixo !
> > > > 1)  Webtabbing.  Type in<TAB> should
> > download
> > > > the source code to the, look for all links that
> > HTML source is available 100% of the time.  That's what I'm referring
>But looking at the source html over the network can be *very* slow.
>The tab completion will be totally useless if it takes more than one or
>two seconds to achieve or propose the various possibilities.
>So the tab completion must not go and look on a page elsewhere; it must
>only use locally available information.
>Think that Gnome will be used by people not using T1 connections.

I am thinking that.  Webtabbing is *much* faster than loading a full web
page in Netscape, looking around for the appropriate text, and clicking it.

Think of the alternative, not compared to local file access but to the
fastest possible remote.

> > It's a toy, yes, but a decent one.
>A very useful one (I use tab completion all the time on the shell), but
>it must be responsive, if it takes too long to give an answer it won't
>be used and will be wasted time and efforts.

Well, obviously if you press tab after typing , it's not going to *compete* with either a
locally available web page nor the file system.  It's perfectly logical for
it to get the source code of (the
automatically redirected file) and parse for a "si" link, which would be .

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