Re: Oh yeah...apropos/web/tabbing in GNOME

Kaixo !

 > > > 1)  Webtabbing.  Type in<TAB> should
 > download
 > > > the source code to the, look for all links that contain

 > HTML source is available 100% of the time.  That's what I'm referring to.

But looking at the source html over the network can be *very* slow.
The tab completion will be totally useless if it takes more than one or
two seconds to achieve or propose the various possibilities.
So the tab completion must not go and look on a page elsewhere; it must
only use locally available information.

Think that Gnome will be used by people not using T1 connections.
 > It's a toy, yes, but a decent one.

A very useful one (I use tab completion all the time on the shell), but
it must be responsive, if it takes too long to give an answer it won't
be used and will be wasted time and efforts.

A bientôt,
Pablo Saratxaga

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