Re: Unidentified subject!

>A while ago there was a discussion on the gnome-gui-list about keyboard
>However that method introduces several potential problems.
>* Can applications use any name for its symbols? Yes, but the programmer
>should make sure there isn't an equivalent symbol with another name used by
>other applications. A style guide or "command symbol repository" would help

I send a message some time ago saying that a working group to set "command
symbol repository" will be really good.

>* What should the default key binding for a new (uncommon) symbol be? Let
>the application choose - it doesn't matter. The API should automaticly
>assign a new key if the recommended one is already taken. The gnome
>distribution should come with reasonable defaults for common symbols
>('open', 'save', 'save as', 'copy', 'cut', 'paste' etc).

Programmer will use a temporary name until the workgroup decides if it must
be given a global one (cmd-name) or a local (app-name_cmd-name).

>* What if an app has a much more important command that should use the same
>binding as a common command? These cases are hopefully rare, and I don't
>know of a simple solution yet.
>* ...

Yes, they are rare. And the most important is that these cases must be avoided.

>I guess this idea has already been forwarded and designed, so I'll stop
>here. Tell me if I need to explain more.

I dunno if my msg was read (I saw only one reply). :[

>Common applications such as data editors, mail applications, file
>would have to provide default menus, and toolbars.

I do not cover in my msg all you have said here.

>Good or bad idea? Tell me what you think.



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