Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

>by having an EXAMPLE already there. if you have fresh victims around, do
>test. create a couple of folders with icons (possible already? didn't try
>that in gnome v0.20) that have names like "games", "apps", "internet". put
>your victims in front and watch their reactions. wait if and when they ask
>if they can create or change these folders. if you have a victim with a
>strong interest in, say, graphics apps, chances are higher, because he has
>an immediate interest in customization.

Is there a reasons users will customize something static on the panel but
won't customize something that has to be pulled down with the gnomeprint?

>> Screenplays are one way, stderr or stdhelp windows
>> on the panel are another.
>I don't think so, sorry.
>screenplays - talked about that at length in the other mails.
>stderr window - won't be used by newbies. if it doesn't pop up in a dialog
>window, it can't be important. I don't think a newbie will even look at a
>pure text window.

So why is Yahoo so popular?  It's fast, clear, and valuable.
>> Of course, it'd be best to have a self-documenting interface on this
>> part...thinking...
>examples ARE one part of documentation.
>another idea would be tooltips on the panel. like if you rest the mouse on
>the panel for a moment, a tooltip could pop up:
>                left-click:  drag panel
>                right-click: customize panel
>I loved the way that enlightenment was able to display tooltips like popups
>on EVERY window element. that was extremely useful.

Tooltips right above the mouse aren't PERFECT, but they are quite nice :-)

The problem with tooltips is that if they popup instantly, they obscure the
interface, but if they don't pop up instantly, they're not there when you
want them.  Grah.

stderr/stdhelp is nice for tooltip info, maybe.

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