Re: Standard (G)UI (was a very long thread)

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| Maybe we need to differentiate hard standards from soft standards.  Hard
| standards are those that, by force of market share or necessity, do not
| allow incremental innovation by selective replacement of components.  Soft
| standards are those that provide a minimum base level of conceptualization
| or implementation while allowing innovation above and beyond in an open and
| documented manner.
| A GUI under a hard standard would *require* that GUI to function.  KDE is a
| hard standard--most K apps, as far as I know, do not run without KDE, even
| if QT is installed.  Gnome has to be softer, in the sense of GNOME apps
| should run without many GNOME components or a standard WM.
| Obviously, hardness and softness are a continuum(v.90 and Win32 lie
| somewhere on it).  But I think it's fair to say GNOME should have a good
| deal of softness, if only to continue the rapid pace of development.
| Needless to say, locked source(source that can only be modified by the
| owners) is a definite hardener.

I agree completely :)

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