Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

* George

| > The panel is ok, but I don't like the idea of a start menu like win95
| it's not a "start" button ...

no I was concerned about implementing one. The foot now has a better
menu IMHO than start button under W95, because it is divided into
Games, Audio, Network etc. which makes it terribly easy to find the
app you need. 

[snip -- talking about wizards etc..]
| ahh ... well .. I'm not doing those ... if someone wants to go right ahead,
| I don't think they would be terribly usefull ... but to tell you the truth
| I've never even seen one of those ...
| otherwise .. I don't see any tendency in gnome to have stuff like that ...
| we seem to concentrate on functionality rather then dancing paperclips (I
| heard that's what word does and that it's really annoying ... however
| I haven't even seen word in years ...)

I'm not doing those either, but if this goes into the Style Guide one
will be forced to do it.

I think that it is better to require a well written manual and a
toured guide with cross references that can be easly viewed with the
help-browser. The cross references should be both ways of course. 

The manuals should also be short and to the point. Instead of 400
pages one could do with 40 pages. 

The main problem is that one does not know whose using the system. If
it is a novice the manual might need to be longer, if it is an
advanced user it can be short. This is why I propose the Guided Tour
(for the novice) the manual (for the novice/advanced) and the reference
manual (for the expert).

I realise that this probably will be too much to ask, as nobody (at
least very few) enjoys writing docs. Therefore I think it is best to
expect a manual and a guided tour. If the manual gets too long it
could be divided into smaller easy to swallow manuals :)

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