Re: Revisiting App Menu

>>The bottom line is, we want to emulate good GUI, and not bad GUI.  If we
>>had the Gnome app menu (a graphic is intuitive if it is consistent), it

>Or a "General" "Gnome" "Main" "Global" menu (choose the name you like

However, a picture is worth a thousand words.  If you use a name like
General or Main, that is worth zero words because it has no meaning.  So a
picture is infinitely better than a name.

Windows has the wavy flag on its start menu.  KDE has its K.  MacOS has its
apple.  Gnome should have its footprint.  If someone skilled in the GIMP can
buttonize it, that is.

Btw, we already talked before about having system-global settings and
app-specific overrides of whether buttons should have pictures, text, or
both.  If this is implemented, the user could choose between the icon, the
word (e.g. "gnome"), or the icon and word side-by-side.  If a word is there,
though, it should be textured such that it's obvious that it and the icon
are together.  e.g. the could the title of the GNOME home page be shrunk
down for this?

Let's make our system menu fun.

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