Re: Revisiting App Menu

Bruce Dodson <> wrote:
> Windows has the wavy flag on its start menu.  KDE has its K.  MacOS has its
> apple.  Gnome should have its footprint.  If someone skilled in the GIMP can
> buttonize it, that is.

the real question - to me at least - is whether it's any good. is there ANY
advantage for windoze to have that flag on the "start" button? does it do
any good in kde? I don't know mac too much.
my answer is "no" in both cases. I've seen kde and that button was one of
the first things I DIDN'T like the second I saw it. in windoze, the flag is
totally superfluous, plus it's in a different place and not instead of, but
in addition to, some text. I don't think this can be compared, therefore.

rather compare it with some office apps, where there is a small icon at the
very left of the menu. it took me some time to figure out that these things
are not just decoration. and I still don't like them, because even though an
image can say a thousand words, it can also say zero. (and a thousand words
can be meaningless :) ).

> Let's make our system menu fun.

we already have the foot in the panel. I believe that the same icon should
ONLY ever be used for the same purpose, not for everything remotely gnome. I
also think the users will be confused if the small foot does totally
different things than the large one.

I still opt for text.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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