Re: 'About' versus 'About...'

>I think if we start making such fine distinctions as to the _intent_ of the
>dialog (e.g. info-only About box), we will end up confusing the users even
>more.  So I say '...' means a dialog.  Period.  Simple.  AFAIK, that is the
>standard rule for the Windows menu UI (Mac?  Xerox?  I dunno).

Interesting argument.  But one could also argue that the beginning user who
isn't able to make the distinction isn't likely to notice or pay much
attention to those dots anyway...

But I do agree with John that, for an about box, Close is more appropriate
than Cancel.  Cancel will worry the user.  "Cancel what?  I haven't done
anything yet!"

However, sometimes I might want to do an app with a non-traditional about
box.  For example, an app might show put the about information on the
splash-screen which shows when the app loads, in which case About might just
show the banner again.  Also, in a document viewer, it makes sense to show
the About information in the view window itself.  In either of these cases
no Cancel or Close is warranted.

Can we add to the guide that informative dialogs such as "About" may be made
always-on-top in the Z order but should not be modal?  The About option can
assure that it really is on top and visible in the current desktop.  GNOME
encourages the use of non-modal dialogs where appropriate, and I think we
should make it clear that About is one dialog where it is appropriate.


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