Re: Revisiting App Menu

>>I have done some thinking about this idea that was originally posted by
>>someone else (sorry, I forgot your name).  It was shoGFt down because it
>>required a third menu.  It is in regards to a Gnome app menu reminiscent
>>of the Mac menu.  Be also had (probably still has, I haven't seen it since
>>DR8) the Be menu.  The Be menu was the app menu for whatever app was open.
>>There were no required menus, but if there was a menu bar, that was the
>>only menu required.  Be originally had it located in the dock--which was
>>unintuitive and obnoxious.  They later moved it to the window.

I think that solution is fine, elegant, easy to learn.

>The bottom line is, we want to emulate good GUI, and not bad GUI.  If we
>had the Gnome app menu (a graphic is intuitive if it is consistent), it

Or a "General" "Gnome" "Main" "Global" menu (choose the name you like more).

>>would house the Quit, About..., and Configuration items (and possibly
>>anything else that could be considered global).  If that menu item were
>>consistent in every app, with the Quit, About..., and Configuration menu
>>items always in that menu; that would be a learned intuitiveness.  Many of
>>the hangups we have here are with former users of other OS's.  They each
>>have their pluses and minuses, and their own unique way of doing things.
>>I think that the Gnome menu would be intuitive for new users, and a
>>learned intuitiveness for users that immigrants (not native un*x users).
> ---------------------
> | Gnome  File  Help |
> -|-----|-------------
>  |     --------
>  |Preferences |
>  |About       | 
>  |Exit        |
>  |------------|
>You propose something like this right? I think this is a good solution

Interesting... consistent and fast.
File still will have the Close Doc menu entry, I suppose.

I think that a visit to Mac, Be, Amiga UI or UI guides will be interesting
(Win9X too, but not first, cos they copy the others).


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