Re: Attempt to sum things up.

>Please fill out the below with either
>[ ] = Agree, [X] = Disagree or [D] = Don't know

>[ ] Help menu should be left-justified and the last (rightmost) item.

Easy to find, and will keep that place if menu is tear off.

>[ ] There should be a rootmenu.

Cool & fast; but content sensitive, not a copy of the menu bar (for example
menu bar can have a root menu to minize size, shotcut to "change
text/images" options, lock up in place... and many more).

>[ ] Menu and keybindings should be configurable.

Of course, at least keybindings and in run time (a la Gimp).

>[D] Menus should be tear off.

I do not care a lot, please add a way to lock them up, so they will not be
moved by error (root menu? right click in menu, select "lock in place").

>[ ] There should be a Main menu in addition to File.

Yes, a "bit box" (all that does not fit, like Preferences, total Exit/Quit).

>[ ] App and document settings should be separated.

They are different things, do not mess them.

>[D] Configuration should use tree structure as seen in Netscape

The tree is slow, for example it took a lot to change things in Netscape 4,
I wasted a lot of time scrolling and collapsing/extending (like Autoload
Images or Java On/off). So why not notebooks or Russian dolls note books
(one inside another)?

/--------\ /---------\
|        | |         |
----------/           \---------------
| ------------------------           |
| |                      \---------\ |
| |                                | |
| |                      /---------/ |
| |                      |---------\ |
| |                      |         | |
| |                      |---------/ |
| |                      |---------\ |
| |                      |         | |
| |                      |---------/ |
| |                      |           |
| ------------------------           |

This way you see all main categories always, and all subcategories related
to selected main category too.

For more than two levels it will not be practical. But if you need to
configure lots of levels... I do no think you config structure is easy (~
user friendly).

Tree will be cool is scroll bars are multibutton sensitive (I always think
that right button over an "arrow" should mean "inverse dir", but thats
another theme).

It should keep the collapse status from use to use. And also you should be
able to rearrange the order of items, so you can move the item you want to
top of tree (so you avoid scrolling most of the times).

So I can not decide tree|notebook, the only clear thing for me now is "fast,
and configurable to be even faster".


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