Foreign symbols

>On other fronts, with our proposed centrally configurable key bindings, we
>have a leg up on all other known OS's.  However, one thing the Mac has
>better than anything else right now is its accessibility to unconventional
>characters.  For instance, if you are writing a spanish document, by
>pressing Alt-E before any vowel you can obtain an accented vowel.  The same
>goes for the circumflex above the n.  While I understand that the
>particular keys used are not all that intuitive, we need easy access to
>these characters (as well as copyright and trademark characters).  This
>example assumes that you have an American keyboard--I don't know about any
>foreign keyboards.

Spanish keyboards have accents. But thanks to think that issue.

It is not perfect cos for French you need three acents. So better has a
ctrl+something that makes appear a small box "Choose letter modifier"
(ctrl+L ? ctrl+M ?) where you select a "key" and then you type the vocal (or
other letter).

For those that have not used accents with local keyboards: to get a letter
with accent, you first click the accent key (that I think it will be cool
done via the mentioned box, when not avaliable), then the vocal. ntilde has
a new key for itself.

e acute -> [box: "acute" entry | acute accent key] type e
n tilde -> [box: ~ entry, type n] | ntilde key
copyright -> box: "copyright" entry
euro -> box: "euro" entry  (some places will use altgr+e too)
sterling pound -> box: "pound" | pound key

Please add point of view, specially other non English users (I can only
"study" Spanish and similar languages cases/keyboards).


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