Re: 'About' versus 'About...'

When I see the '...' in an unfamiliar menu option (one I've never pressed or
seen documentation for), it immediately means
two things to me: 1) I should pay attention to what comes up next, because
there's more to do, and 2) relax, because if this isn't what I want there'll
be the opportunity to cancel out later.  Sometimes #2 turns out to be
incorrect but in the good applications (and in all compliant gnome apps)
there will always be a way to cancel.

Whether About deserves '...' is a judgement call if the About box is modal,
because you do have to interact with it before you can continue.  However,
in compliant gnome apps, a modeless about box will be more typical, and in
that case I'd say there is no case for adding those dots.

By the way, out of curiosity I popped open MS Word on my Windows 95
partition to see what it does.  Verdict: the About box there has no
ellipses.  However, but when I looked around a bit more I realized that is a
poor example program: File/Properties doesn't have ellipses either, although
Tools/Options does.  And Help/Microsoft Word Help does not have the dots,
while Help/Wordperfect Help (in Word) does.  That Help example is
interesting, because "Microsoft Word Help" brings up a dialog saying "What
do you want to do?", whereas "Wordperfect Help" brings you straight to
information without prompting for anything.

Hmm.  Let's not use MS products as examples any more.


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