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* Tom Vogt
| George <> wrote:
| > > 	Ahhh...  But what if it's a gnome icon?  Then it isn't confusing
| > > at all.  (It'll look like the mac.)  
| > 
| > I like this ... it sounds cool ...
| > 
| I don't know about the mac, but in those cases where windoze apps use icons
| as menu items, it's very confusing, counter-intuitive and outright crappy.
| looks very much like a programer liked the idea and threw it in without
| asking someone else.
| as I said, I don't know about the mac. maybe there is a way to do this in a
| very good way - but if it's any close to the way it's done on windoze, then
| I don't think it's a good idea.
| the main question maybe is: why an icon? all the rest of the menubar is
| text, so why suddenly an icon? unless there is a very good reason to break
| the general style for this menu item, I don't think it should be done.

I agree fully. The reason it "works" on the Mac is because there
really isn't such an item. What people refer to when they say that Mac
has such an item is a small apple which is on the screen (Mac use one
menubar for all it apps [which I find annoying, surprise :) ]).

This will stay there regardless of whether there is an app running or
not, and it contains user defined shortcuts to programs. So in fact it
serves like the gnome panel just that it is an menu. There are no
Exit menu in this only an About for the program.

My point now is that on the Linux one _won't_ have such a thing. Gnome
won't be the only GUI, nor will all the apps ran on Gnome be Gnome
apps. And thus the pixmap won't be in all the apps. This is why I
don't like using a pixmap rather than text.

Please, the version of The MacOS I've seen so far it 7.6 so if there is
some new functionality in 8.0 or above please enlighten me, don't flame

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