Re: Attempt to sum things up.

> Please fill out the below with either
> [ ] = Agree, [X] = Disagree or [D] = Don't know
> [ ] Help menu should be left-justified and the last (rightmost) item.


> [ ] There should be a rootmenu.

Root menu? On the desktop? There should be a context menu on the right
mouse button, but no menu on the left button.

> [ ] Menu and keybindings should be configurable.

Yes and probably the entire interface too. But not for 1.0, we need
a consistent/standard gui first.

> [ ] Menus should be tear off.

Yes, but configurable/optional.

> [X] There should be a Main menu in addition to File.

Definately not. In my opinion this will lead to application
centric desktop which is not a good idea for a modern desktop.
We should think of an application as a tool to manipulate

Note: netscape communcator already has a similiar menu (called Communicator).
but it is named incorrectly: it should be called Window. It doesn't
contain Preferences.

> [ ] App and document settings should be separated.
> [D] Configuration should use tree structure as seen in Netscape

Yes, but tabbed dialogs are just as good when there are just
a few pages.


I have two more things that should be added as options (when I free
enough disk space to build GNOME I will add them myself).

[ ] Context menu pops up on click of the right button, not on press.

This is needed for the next item.

[ ] Drag/Drop using the right mouse button and sweep select with the left.

This adds an import feature of very easily selecting multiple objects
(in gmc, list boxes, ...). It also adds more consistency into a user interface
(you use the left button drag to select text in a text editor). In my
opinion sweep-select is much nicer to use than Ctrl+Click, Shift+Click and
selection rectangles for selecting icons in a file manager. This is
one feature of OS/2 WPS that people really like.

[ ] DND Drop menu should be made optional/overridable by modifiers.

DND should automatically Copy when Ctrl is pressed, Link when Ctrl+Shift is
pressed and Move when Shift is pressed?

... MouseDevice "/dev/null"

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