Re: Print

* Peter Bortas
| Preben Randhol <> writes:
| > Should print go in the File (or Document menu) or the Gnome (main)
| > menu? 
| Please, "Application", "App" or something. Not "Gnome". I mean, Isn't
| having a "Gnome:Quit" just a tad bit confusing for the user? Gnome has 
| nothing to do with the leftmost menu.

I just wrote Gnome so that you'd understand which menu I was talking
about:) But I think Application is to long and I think App isn't
clear. Program is better I think. The name of the program could also
be used (as proposed earlier), but then one have the same problem as
using a small pixmap. A name can be very long too like: hnefatafl or

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