Re: GTK--

* Carl Thompson
| Hello,
|     I wish to learn and utilize GTK-- fully for the Gnome Project, but I
| have absolutely no desire to learn the regular C bindings for GTK.  Is this
| possible, or do you need to use some regular C binding stuff to fully
| utilize the toolkit?

No, if you stick to GTK (that is not GDK nor GNOME) you shouldn't have
to use C functions, AFAIK. Don't think there is a C++ wrapper for the
Gnome lib yet though and there aren't any for GDK.

|     Is there any documentation for learning GTK-- for those who don't wish
| to learn the C bindings?  Is there any documentation for learning GTK-- at
| all?

The best way is to read the GTK+ tutorial and the name conversion
documentation at the GTK-- site. 

You can also try out glade 0.3 and glademm 0.1.x to build the
Interface stuff.
|     Maybe I'll just use WxGTK instead...


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