Re: Revisiting App Menu

* Tim
| Benoît Garrigues wrote:
|    As always, I'm out in left field but, how about this:
| -------------------------------------------------------
| |   File   |   Edit   |whatever|   GnomeApp   |
| -------------------------------------------------------
| |   New    ||  Cut    ||        ||    Help    |
| |   Open   ||  Copy   ||        || Preferences|
| |   Save   ||  Paste  ||        ||   About    |
| |  Save As ||  Etc..  ||        ||  Exit/Quit |
| |Properties|
|    Ok, it's uncoventional but it's also intuitive.  I mean, how many
| 'Bad Things' have been written about the conventional GUI!?  The only
| 'Bad Thing'(maybe) I see is that Help is not a top-level item.  We can
| still use MS ->? button for conext-sensitive help.  Moving two
| menu-items can't have a very steep learning curve.  We can't be afraid
| to set a standard here if it is a step forward.

I believe that Help should be a menu on the menubar and not only a
submenu. But I don't like the GnomeApp to the be the rightmost menu
mainly because I would go nuts every time I switched between a Gnome
app and a non-gnome app when trying to quit the program because of the
way it is placed. I think that putting it one the left before the File
menu would be better. And I think that one would soon get familiar
with this.

Warning: Don't replace GnomeApp (or whatever it should be called if
utilized) with a small pixmap of the gnome foot or something. The
reason is that the menu will take up so little place and differ so
much from the text that it will be overlooked as decorative gfx rather
then a menu. I used a program that did this (cannot remeber which
program or what platform Apple or Amiga I think) and it was very
annoying as I went into the same trap each and every time.

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