RE: Style Guide suggestion

>This would mean we would have a consistent two menu model.  The first
>menu, "Main" would contain, always, "Quit" (or "Exit", but we need to
>pick one which it always should be called).  It will also have, as
>appropriate, things like "New", "Open", "Close", "Save", "Save as",
>"Options" (application options), "Settings" (document settings), "Print",
>and so on.
>The second menu would be "Help", it would contain, always, "About".  It
>would also have, as appropriate, items to access the documentation and
>accompanying literature about the program.
>I am assuming that, after ORBit is finished, a robust inter-application
>data transfer system for GNOME will be developed, along the lines of the
>MacOS Clipboard.  Programs which access this would have an Edit menu, with
>the usual suspects ("Cut", "Copy", "Paste") and any thing else appropriate
>for the Edit menu.

This is the best idea I have heard about menu items. And BTW, what about
Options and Settings as KDE options menu. I want to say this:

|- New
|- Etc
|- Etc
|- Options >
|            |
|            |- All
|            |-------------
|            |- Opt1
|            |- Opt 2
|            |- Etc
|            |--------------
|- Settings > (the same)
|- Quit

And when you select all in options or properties you open a windows with a
tree in the left where you choose Opt1, Opt2, Etc. The same than the KDE
Control Center.

- yiyus

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