About Linux users who come from windows

I didn't want to participate in discussions, since I haven't Gnome installed
yet and haven't done any work for the project. But I will talk as a Linux
user who come from Windows.
You are thinking in Windows users as that people who like to read Windows
tutorials and like Microsoft, but know nothing about computers. Ok, there
are lots of windows users who won't know what to do out of windows. But this
people will never turn to Linux and Gnome. Users who will do it are people
who have configured windows colors, know how to use a aplication the first
time they see them and they use microsoft products only because there is no
alternative. They aren't developers, but they know enough to configure a
system and learn new key-bindings.
People who can install Linux and do it (because they dont like windows 95)
they won't like Gnome if it is the same with less aplications (which is what
Gnome will be at the start if we do everything as ms). New Linux users won't
need much time to learn new menus.
Please, don't start to reply this mail. I only wanted you to know that
people who will change to Linux will be the most intelligent windoze users.

- yiyus

PS: About all your discussions: I would use that menus who somebody proposed
with App, File, Etc similar to Gimp. It is logical, if I was starting with
Linux from Win I would say: "Hey, this is pretty. Of course, it should be so
in windows too". And about key-bindings I would make something as themes.
You can have one key-theme for German, other for Spanish, other for English,
other for Mothif, other for Windows,... and the standard, what you see the
first time you boot Gnome, should be or your language theme (if there is one
available), or the Gimp key-bindings.

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