Re: Style Guide suggestion

Preben Randhol wrote:
> * Marko Macek
> | Gleef wrote:
> | > Therefore I would vote that Preferences... be required to be under File.
> | > It's not pretty, but it would be consistant.  And besides, Preferences are
> | > stored in a File, so it isn't a non-sensical location.
> |
> | I disagree. File menu should only contain options related to the file.
> Where should one put Quit/Exit then? :)

That is an exception for now. It could be removed (replaced by Close) 
by using SDI (single document interface) applications only (which I am 
*strongly* in favor of because it simplifies a lot of things - this does
not mean that on process can't edit multiple documents, it just looks
like every open document is totaly separate from the other).

... !MDI

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