Re: Style Guide suggestion

On 7 Jul 1998, Preben Randhol wrote:

> | 	I've been pushing for tear off menus, and I've been trying to code
> | it for GTK+, but with little success.  Tear off menus are MUCH more useful
> | IMHO than tear off menubars.  
> This would be better I think. That is I understand is like this. You
> have a Insert menu that you use a lot to insert different
> objects. You tear it off and place it next to the window (the
> whole menu would be displayed as a frameless window). Then one can very
> quickly press on the different menu items with the mouse.

	No!  Don't make the mistake of a frameless menu window!  The menu
window needs to be decorated so it can be moved and closed.  There is
nothing more annoying than a torn off menu that yu can't do anything with.
(Better hope your window manager lets you move and close things
somehow...)  PLEASE don't think about frameless windows.  


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