Re: Proposal: Different layout for different Screen Dimensions

>Bad idea. Instead, there should be enough underlying functionality within
>Gnome (and the WM which must be compliant with it) to allow for
>titlebar/font size adjustments independant of resolution. It shouldnt
>matter if your screen is 640x480, or 1600x1280. If you have the
>flexibility to deal with screen elements on your own, you dont need the
>desktop to do it automagically for you.

I dislike too much automagic. Like PnP or autoplay, magic means problems
most of the time. ;]

It will be cool to adjust things to screen res, but also must take into
acount the monitor size (and virtual desktop, of course).
I run Linux 1024*768 in a 14" monitor, instead of having a 17", where
1024*768 is more normal.

So better ask the user, or get the info from somewhere, for monitor size,
desktop size and most used resolution so things appear correctly in real
world and not just pixels world.

Of course, if possible, add a way to configure to personal tastes... beter
do some simple deafults (ingnory nickpicking) and give the option to user
like me to change the config to match weird config (everybody I meet says
that 1024 in a 14" is weird).


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