Re: request to federico

>  hmmm... a program that creates output - say a poem generator or my game - is
>  usually tied to a single language on the engine level. internationalization
>  is not an issue (ok, "File" could read "Datei", but the poem would still be
>  english :) ). so what compliancy level do we assign to internationalization?

The functionality that deals with language processing/generation is
completely orthogonal to the user interface internationalization and
localization issues.

>  > DocBook is not hard; it is more or less like HTML markup with a
>  > greater number and more verbose tags.  It is designed to give
>  > documents a logical structure (chapters, sections, etc.).
>  ok, with lyx and html on my side, I should be able to get this stuffed into
>  my head somewhere. thanks.

I am very ignorant of what LyX can do, but as far as I know, it can
only handle LinuxDoc markup.  I am not sure whether it can handle
the DocBook DTD.  If it can, well, great! :-)


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