Declaration of intent to propose Strasbourg as a hosting city for GUADEC 2013


I'm writing on behalf of GNOME-FR and the LUG of Strasbourg to
announce that we intend to submit a proposal for GUADEC 2013 to happen
in Strasbourg.

The LUG has experience organising large scale events. For instance,
they organised the RMLL [0] in 2011, which had around 4000 attendees
over the span of a week. We're confident in their ability to take good
care of the next occurence of the yearly GNOME event.

With its location right between France and Germany, two very active
countries when it comes to GNOME hacking, we believe Strasbourg is the
ideal place for our gathering.

Some of us -at least Vincent Untz and I- will be in A Coruña during
the core days of GUADEC and will be happy to talk with the board about


Alexandre Franke
GNOME-FR treasurer

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