Re: [gnome-es] Bluefish translation

Dear Oliver,

El sáb, 17-10-2009 a las 13:56 +0200, Olivier Sessink escribió:
> Dear translation coordinator,
> Bluefish (, a gnome web development 
> editor, is nearing a new stable release (2.0.0). The code is almost 
> ready, but the translations are not. The current stable release has 17 
> supported languages, the upcoming has 8.
> Current statistics for es:
> 698 translated, 264 fuzzy, 256 untranslated / 1218 messages.
> Is it possible that the gnome translation team can help to improve this 
> translation?
> The code is in a Sourceforge SVN repository:
> or a checkout:
> svn co
> There are several po files (a main file, and for each plugin):
> ./po/XX.po
> ./src/plugin_charmap/po/XX.po
> ./src/plugin_snippets/po/XX.po
> ./src/plugin_entities/po/XX.po
> ./src/plugin_infbrowser/po/XX.po
> ./src/plugin_about/po/XX.po
> ./src/plugin_htmlbar/po/XX.po
> Please let me know if you can help.
I'm focused in GNOME GIT and few other projects translation, and right
now my internet connection depends on my neighbour, so I can hardly say
I can help any other project.

However I'm forwarding your message to the Spanish translation list, so
if anyone of them is interested in Bluefish translation may help you.

Thanks and kind regards.
Jorge González González <aloriel gmail com>

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