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  • [release-notes] Created branch gnome-3-22, Allan Day
  • Freeze break request for polari, Florian Müllner
  • String change announcement, Alexandru Pandelea
  • [gitg] Created branch gnome-3-22, Jesse van den Kieboom
  • [evolution-data-server] New translatable string added, Milan Crha
  • [gvfs] string change, Ondrej Holy
  • Nautilus string changes, Carlos Soriano Sanchez
  • UI freeze exception, Razvan
  • [gedit] 3.21 string changes: keyword and desktop actions, Jeremy Bicha
  • Fedora Gnome C, Burak Ozcan
  • [evolution-data-server] Some translatable strings changed, Milan Crha
  • [five-or-more] (2 commits) Created branch gnome-3-20, Michael Catanzaro
  • [file-roller] Created branch gnome-3-20, Paolo Bacchilega
  • [gnome-getting-started-docs] Created branch gnome-3-20, Petr Kovář
  • [epiphany] (3 commits) Created branch gnome-3-22, Michael Catanzaro
  • [latexila] Created branch gnome-3-20, Sébastien Wilmet
  • gnome-help: deprecated ON and OFF gui labels, Rafael Fontenelle

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