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the bus should be actually faster, there is a service that takes you into centre but not to the right train station. If you plan to look around the city the train or the bus in the centre are of course better.


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Hi Florian, 

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Getting to Brno is quite a simple affair. Whether you come trough Vienna or Prague, the easiest connection is probably the bus service operated by StudentAgency. If you prefer the comfort of the railway, trains from both cities leave every hour. Below are some details which we hope are useful to you. 

* Vienna 
Getting from Vienna to Brno is not too difficult, but to be on the safe side we will have somebody at the airport in Vienna on Thursday to help you get on he right bus or catch the train. 

- Buses: 
The easiest and fastest way to get to Brno is probably by bus. StudentAgency operates a bus service between Vienna Airport and Brno: 
One way will cost you around 16 USD or 12 EUR. Make sure to reserve return tickets a few days ahead. For reservations and schedules see: 

http://jizdenky.studentagency. cz/Booking/from/SCHWECHAT/to/ BRNO/tarif/REGULAR/departure/ 20120216/retdep/20120206/ return/false/ropen/false/ credit/false/class/2.2.1# search-results 

- Trains: 
The best way to get from the airport to the centre in Vienna is the S-Bahn 7 (city railway), which takes about 25 minutes and costs around 4 EUR. 
The more expensive CAT line uses the same route, but takes takes 6 minutes less and costs around 12 EUR. 

Trains between Vienna Main Train Station and Brno Main Train Station leave every hour and costs around 19 EUR. You can buy tickets at the train station or book online: Online-Ticket/index.jsp 

Just to confirm - you think that the bus is the preferred way to travel between Vienna and Brno? I'm ok with the bus taking a little while longer than the train if it means that there's less of a chance of me getting lost. : ) (I am comfortable with navigating public transit, though.) 

Thanks again for all of this information. 


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