Re: Idea for the Eye Of GNOME documentation

On Wed, 2011-06-15 at 21:07 +0200, Mario Blättermann wrote:
> > Actually, plugin pages can go into different prefixes, as long as
> > they're in the right place in the prefix. The main gedit help files
> > can be in /usr/share/gnome/help/gedit and the plugin pages can be
> > in ~/.local/share/gnome/help/gedit. Yelp will pick them all up,
> > 
> > Just let the build tools do the work and don't worry about prefixes.
> > 
> Nice to know! I didn't ever thought that it is so simple.
> Currently the gedit manual builds with gnome-doc-utils, but if we use
> yelp-tools for gedit-collaboration, would it work as expected? Or should
> we migrate the sole manual (gedit itself) to yelp-tools before?

Ah, one caveat: gnome-doc-utils and yelp-tools install to different
places under the prefix. The old stuff goes to $datadir/gnome/help,
and the new stuff goes to $datadir/help. Although you don't need to
worry about prefixes, the document and the plugin pages do have to
be using the same system.

> In my mind, we don't need to declare a license within the text of the
> plugin docs, but we should add a license hint to the module. In any
> case, the embedded plugin *.page files will inherit the license from
> gedit's manual.

If you use XInclude for the license information (which we do for
a number of modules), then you can just reference the installed
one. Although that does leave your source files in git in a sort
of vague "what license are they under?" state.


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