Re: Idea for the Eye Of GNOME documentation

Hi Mario,

Have a look in the Git. There are two modules which are related to
gedit, but don't have a manual: gedit-cossa and gedit-collaboration.
Okay, I have cloned both of these from git.  I think I will use gedit-collaboration to play with.
need to write some documentation therefore (just stubs, only for testing
purposes) and setup a gnome-doc-utils/yelp-tools infrastructure. Then
the header of the *.page file(s) should look as follows (for gedit-cossa):


<page xmlns=""
     type="topic" style="task"

 <link type="guide" xref="gedit-plugin-guide#gedit-additional-plugins"/>
 <revision pkgversion="3.0" version="0.1" date="2011-06-14" status="stub"/>


The docs for these plugins should not have an  

How do I setup a gnome-doc-utils/yelp-tools infrastructure?

Of course, we have to make sure that the plugin manual has landed in the
same installation folder as the gedit manual itself.

How do I make sure this happens?
After installing
the plugin, the help files for that plugin should appear in the right
topic, under the "plugins" topic.



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