Re: matching doc style with the selected theme


On 20.10.2010 16:44, Shaun McCance wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-10-18 at 23:21 +0300, Stefan Kost wrote:
>> hi,
>> I wonder if there is any idea/plan on yelp side for producing the documentation
>> in a style that matches the users theme. In gtk-doc I have a css and a handfull
>> of icons. All the icons also exist in the icons theme as stock icons. Thus in
>> theory one could patch the css and the icons(symlinks) when a theme is changed.
>> What I haven't figured yet:
>> - would that be a good idea :)
>> - is there a theme changed hook on the dektop level?
> Yelp already does this, and has been doing it for quite a
> while. It calculates the colors based on the GTK+ theme,
> and gets the icons from the icon theme. (To my knowledge,
> no icon theme is overriding the default icons.) The only
> caveat is that you have to restart Yelp for theme changes
> to take effect on any pages you've already viewed.
Are you creating an css on the fly?
> Opening a big can of worms here, but could we install API
> references and other developer documentation as DocBook or
> Mallard files and let Yelp deal with the rendering?
I was actually thinking of that also. Like gtk-doc generating devhelp
files, it could easily generate omf files and install the original
docbook. It might be so that people would prefer a different interface
for API docs though. On big challenge with the docbook xml is that the
whole inter-book xrefs have to be rethought. Right now gtkdoc-fixxref is
doing that post-mortem on generated html.


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