Re: Content Plan for Accessibility Documentation

Alright let's get this one down :)

On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 7:56 PM, Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org> wrote:
> Hi Vikram,
> Thanks for volunteering to do a content plan for the accessibility
> documentation.  Here's what I'd like to see:

Your welcome :D

> 1) Identify the various accessibility tools used in Gnome.  Willie
> Walker (William Walker sun com) can help with this.  Each of these
> will need help written for it.  Note that the Orca documentation is
> currently in the Accessibility Guide, but we decided in the meeting
> to split it out.

- On-Screen Keyboard (also known as gok)
- BrlTTY 3.8: Now I know that you guys chose to remove Orca docs. but
this one is pretty important (for braille) , so  we may have to find
another way of doing this
- Screen Reader and Magnifier (not going to be included but just listing it)
- Mouse Tweaks
- Keyboard configuration: slow keys, and bouncy/fast keys
- Themes (high contrast and such) and Fonts (rendering)

> 2) List the basic categories of information we would provide in the
> Universal Access sections of the new Desktop Help.  This will replace
> the Accessibility Guide.  The current Accessibility Guide is here:
> This should provide some background on what information we need to
> include.  Willie posted the following mockup of how the accessibility
> preferences might look in the nearish fuure:
> This should give some sense of the kinds of tasks people need to do.

Some categories IMHO could be:

- Display configuration: containing the theme and fonts
- Input device configuration: the keys stuff , the onscreen keyboard,
and the mouse tweaks (this one needs a better title)
- Visual aid : what hasn't been covered above. (BrlTTY 3.8)

> 3) For each category in the Universal Access help, tell us which of
> the accessibility tools it might need to link to.

- I really suggest to include BrlTTY 3.8 in the in the visual aid
- Other than that I covered other stuff above :)

> If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on the list.  You
> can also use gnome-accessibility-list gnome org to ask accessibility
> questions.
> Thanks again.

The plan probably need some refinement so please feel free to change
stuff around.

> --
> Shaun McCance

Vikram Dhillon

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