Mallard Page Templates

Hi Vikram,

I'm attaching the Mallard document I stubbed out to provide
templates for different Mallard page types.  There's no real
content in there.  I just want to show one idea of how we can
manage templates and provide them in a way that can be easily
published on the web.

The idea is that templates are provided in the context of a
document that can explain how to use them effectively.  One
danger of templates is that they can encourage people to fill
in the blanks without thinking about user needs and effective

On each of these pages, in addition to showing a template you
can copy and paste, we would provide real instructions on when
you should use this template and how you should fill out the

As I mentioned in the meeting, I think it's important that we
draw from our real-world experience for templates.  We shouldn't
prescribe templates from a vacuum.  Templates should capture our
actual best practices.

Shaun McCance

Attachment: duck-templates.tar.gz
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