Re: Terminology: app, window, workspace, part of the window, file, folder

Hi Phil,

One quick thought - I don't really like the term "app" as it's not a
real word.  I don't think application is overly technical and I'd
prefer us to use real words and not slang.  Just my opinion.



2010/12/23 Mario Blättermann <mariobl gnome org>:
> Hi Phil,
> Am Donnerstag, den 23.12.2010, 17:15 +0000 schrieb Phil Bull:
>> Wonderful, thanks for that! You've pushed me into starting work on a new
>> Style Guide:
>> All contributions/comments/flames extremely welcome!
> Thanks for recognizing my work.
> To fill up the style guide with real content, we should have a look at
> the current Mallard docs. It contains some pages which actually refers
> to styling topics. Some pages should be moved to the style guide, e.g.
> the "Ten Minute Tour" and some other things.
> In fact, we need the Mallard manual as a technical reference only. All
> things which refer to styling, should appear in the style guide. With
> cross references to the Mallard manual, we could lead the authors. Keep
> in mind, we have potential authors without XML skills. If they write
> their stuff as plain text, we can make formatted XML from. For the other
> folks with XML experiences, we have the Mallard docs. The style guide
> itself may include links to the appropriate pages in Mallard.
> The Mallard manual needs an update anyway. The old "Migration guide" is
> obsolete, but we need a new one (as part of the Mallard manual) which
> explains how to setup the build stack for yelp-tools.
> Merry Christmas,
> Mario
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