Bootstrapping tutorial

Hi all,

I already let gnome-love know about this - but this list seems even more

For the GCI run this year, I added a couple of documentation tasks for
beginner type documentation I felt was missing from the GNOME "getting
started" story. Lennart Brinkmann, a German student, just finished a
first draft of a "Bootstrapping a GNOME development environment"
tutorial, that he has put online in the wiki:

I would really appreciate people from this list having a quick glance
over it, help fill in any gaps in the tutorial, and build on Lennart's
work. I think it's pretty good (the stated goal was: "get someone with a
fresh Linux install to the point where they can compile GNOME software
as quickly as possible, and explain each step along the way, pointing to
further documentation if it's appropriate").

This tutorial is thus, for me, a good idea of how new developers meet
GNOME, and perhaps can help us identify easy ways to lower the barrier
to entry? In particular, Lennart found the constraints of building
master excessive on his stock Fedora, because he would have had to
compile all the dependencies. Something to bear in mind for newcomers to
the platform!

Also, if there are similar GCI tasks you can think of, Andre is still
looking for mentors & tasks:


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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