Re: UI changes for control-center

So rereading this thread, I believe I've been unnecessarily
abrasive, and I've injected my personal opinion of these
changes into what should only be a discussion of whether
we should break the UI freeze.  I apologize for that.

Let me try this again.

These three are absolutely OK with me.  They are all
obvious improvements.  They don't require substantive
documentation work.  And they have almost no chance
of leading to user problems.

Here is what I would like to see happen for these
changes to be made after the UI freeze:

1) Make the necessary changes to the User Guide.
Matthias already pointed out where the changes
need to be made.

2) Look through our other documentation to see if
any other documents are referring to these features.
You can probably safely skip simple documents, like
those for small games and utilities.  I'd be even
happier if somebody would look at some of the more
comprehensive manuals outside our release, such as
Gnumeric and GIMP.

3) Do a search online to see if these options are
used to solve (or work around) real problems.  Make
a recommendation for troubleshooting topics to be
written to address any such problems.

I don't care who does the work.  But that's what the
documentation team would be facing if these changes
were made.


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