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2009/8/24 Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org>:
> 3) If you stop and think about what a user is *really* trying
> to do, you'll often find that this task is only part of it.
> Sometimes we have to break up tasks.  But this gives us the
> chance to direct users to the rest of what they need.
> In the "Create an IRC account" example, I don't think any
> users are really trying to create an IRC account.  They're
> trying to get onto for our Q&A session.
>  You can use Empathy to connect to one or more IRC networks.
>  To connect to an IRC network, you have to create an IRC
>  account in Empathy.  You need to create an account before
>  you can join an IRC chat room or chat with a user on IRC.
>  To see how to chat on IRC, see <irc-manage>.
> If we had an IRC concept page, we could just link to it from
> the first occurrence of the word IRC, obviating the need for
> even more text.

Yes, that's an interesting addition. I think we could write one and
test how it comes out: if it's not too long there wouldn't even be a
lot of new translatable strings, and adding a link would be easy.

If we like the outcome we could add it to Makefile and we are ready.

> (By the way, wouldn't it make sense to link "Create an IRC
> account" into the "Use IRC" guide?  It doesn't mean we have
> to remove it from "Manage accounts".  That's the beauty of
> Mallard.)

Yes, I think I added it only as a seealso link, since it belongs more
to the manage account thing, but makes sense to add as a "normal"

Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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