Re: Mallard Review Meeting


2009/8/20 Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org>:
> I'd like to schedule a meeting to review the Mallard
> specification.  Basically, I want to go through each
> part of the schema and get feedback.  This isn't so
> much to review the verbiage of the document, but to
> review the content model itself.
> Our next team meeting should be on the 30th.  Should
> we tack it onto that?  I don't want to preempt the
> meeting with the review session, because it'll take
> a while.  But perhaps we could just stay around for
> another hour or so.  Or we could do the review this
> weekend instead.
> Thoughts?

on the 30th I'll be moving into a new place, and my connection will
rely on an Internet USB key for a while (until I have a normal
connection) so I don't know if I can really be online or how much I'll
be online (the Internet key is working... but you know Murphy...).

If we can schedule the review this Sunday (even at 21UTC) for me it
would be cool.

Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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