New strings for Orca

Hi All:

A user had an excellent suggestion to add --debug and --debug-file options to the command line to enable the debug feature of Orca. Prior to this, users had to hand edit a file, which was a pain in the neck and was also error prone. We added these two strings to the usage text for the command line options:

#. Translators: this enables debug output for Orca.  The
#. YYYY-MM-DD-HH:MM:SS portion is a shorthand way of saying that
#. the file name will be formed from the current date and time with
#. 'debug' in front and '.out' at the end.  The 'debug' and '.out'
#. portions of this string should not be translated (i.e., it will
#. always start with 'debug' and end with '.out', regardless of the
#. locale.).
#: ../src/orca/
msgid "Send debug output to debug-YYYY-MM-DD-HH:MM:SS.out"

#. Translators: this enables debug output for Orca and overrides
#. the name of the debug file Orca will use for debug output if the
#. --debug option is used.
#: ../src/orca/
msgid "Send debug output to the specified file"

Thanks for all your hard work!


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