Empathy docs - review


since the new Empathy docs landed in GNOME git (thanks to Frederic), I
would like to request a review of all the topics that have been
written so far.

They are all marked as "review" and they should be complete.

I'm planning on working on Empathy docs 'till the end of the month,
since I would like to give translators enough time without string

Other topics that I'll be trying to work on for the 2.28, will be:
 * Introduction (write an introduction to Empathy, what it is, what
you can do...)
 * Geolocation
 * Previous conversation (searching previous conversations)
 * Group conversations (how to have conversation with more than one
contact) (this is the only one that is already in git not marked as
 * Manage conversations (how to group conversations in one window, how
to move conversations across windows, how to move between tabs)

If somebody would like to help us on writing some of these topics, let us know!

Based on the old document, something will be left out for now, in
particular the part about the advanced settings. I think they will be
added for the 3.0 release (since that section needs to be rethought)
plus obviously all the things that will spring up using this new kind
of docs.


Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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