Re: Application names

William Jon McCann wrote:

> So, in preparation for GNOME Shell and 3.0 a number of us have been
> trying to address various inconsistencies in how we name applications.
> [...]
> What do you think? (please read the blog post before answering)

After further discussion on the XDG mailing list and an agreement with
David Faure of KDE fame, I propose this goal, that will allow to both
have Name keys suitable for gnome-shell and to keep the current
entries in gnome-panel.

The guidelines are:

 - If Name is just the application name, leave it alone
 - If there is no GenericName, leave it alone
 - If Name == GenericName: remove GenericName
 - If Name embeds both the application name and the generic name
   - Add X-FullName, with what was in Name
   - Set Name to the application name only 


Impact for translations: at most a new string for each modules, with
the application "brand" name (that could be left alone, for languages
that do not do transliteration).

Impact for documentation: none (once libgnomedesktop gets its new
"get_display_name()" API).

Is everybody ok to proceed ?



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