Re: Gnome 3 and Documentation

Il giorno mer, 08/04/2009 alle 11.09 -0500, Paul Cutler ha scritto:
> The GNOME Dev Kit should work for this - it's based on Foresight
> Linux, which I also help out with.  The Dev Kit is maintained by 2
> volunteers (Jesse & Ken VanDine - both idle in #gnome-love in IRC) and
> the GNOME 2.26 bits are just being finalized in it now.  It uses the
> Conary package management system, and it updateable, and is strictly
> vanilla GNOME.

I should give it a try again so. If it's vanilla I think it can be
easily used for this task.

One question, (since looks like you're a little bit involved :)

How often is it updated during the release cycle? Do you think would it
be possible to have a 2 months update cycle for that?

I'm just throwing ideas on the table based on the fact that I don't know
how this virtual images creation works or how often the GNOME Dev Kit is
actually updated.

> I think one of the big questions is how compositing works in a VM, but
> I think it should work.  I know using the Dev Kit is a lot easier than
> using jhbuild for newcomers.

That's a good point since looks like that compositing in one way or
another is the way forward. I have VMware with Ubuntu, but never
actually dared to try to make compositing work on a VM, it actually
scares me.

Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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