Re: Working Draft

Le dimanche 11 mars 2007, à 01:08, Quim Gil a écrit :
> >  + I copied the first index page from 2.16. Is this what we want?
> >    See
> >    Following questions are related to this page (since some of the
> >    sections in there are commented and we could maybe uncomment them)
> IMHO we don't need index page. Links to translations ideally would be
> in the same page. Downloads of live demos ideally would be linked at
> the Get Footware page. All the background information is either
> explained in the release notes page or in, I don't see the
> point repeating this here.

A couple of issues here:

 + I don't think people will go to the Get Footware page if we don't
   explicitly tell them there are live demos there

 + it's too late to modify the release notes to include other strings.
   So I don't know how we can merge the links to other languages, and
   the missing information.

Also, will the new website be ready for tomorrow? If yes, how will we
put the release notes on the new website?


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