Orca UI change


In fixing bug #504384 - The Orca Preferences dialog is a bit too "tall".", I've rearranged the GUI on the magnifier pane
of the Orca Preferences dialog. It now looks like:

< > Enable magnifier

Zoomer Settings

Scale factor: +------+                               < > Enable border
                            Top +-----+             Border size:  +-----+
Position:     +------+  Left +-----+ Right +-----+   Border color: +-----+
                          Bottom +-----+

Cursor settings:             Crosshair settings:     Color settings:
[same stuff]                 [same stuff]            [same stuff]

Tracking and alignment settings:
[same stuff]

[Advanced Settings...]

[Help]                   [Apply] [Cancel] [OK]

This involved changes to the .../src/orca/orca-setup.glade file.
There are no string changes.


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