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Il giorno gio, 23/11/2006 alle 17.39 +0000, Joachim Noreiko ha scritto:
> Hi Milo.
> Welcome to the docs list :)
> I don't have access to Seahorse, so I can't do that
> much to help you write the manual. But it seems you're
> fairly on top of things :)
> There's a few general things that could be tidied up
> in the manual. Off the top of my head:
> - remove the version number from the title

I'll take care of that.

> - update the links in 'About Passwords and Encryption
> Keys'

Ok, will do it.

> - simplify the introduction. I'm a bit confused about
> 'Seahorse' the project and the 'Passwords and
> Encryption Keys' app. Start with what it can do for a
> user, not with the technical specs.

Yes, introduction needs more love... even I am a little confuse about
'Seahorse' and 'Password and Encription Keys' (it was in the original,
so I kept it). I'll rework on it!

> - remove the contents list as Yelp does one for you.
> But maybe add a mention of integration with other apps
> to the 'With Seahorse you can:' list (but think about
> what 'Seahorse' means here).


> - Special GConf Keys - maybe use a variablelist
> instead of sections?
> - Link names of other apps to their docs, and don't
> write it like a terminal command
> - SSH Key Properties -- comment this out until it's
> written

I'm working on this right now...

> - fold in the panel applet documentation (as discussed
> in another thread with Adam).
> Ok... longer list than I thought ;)

That's good, you pointed me to some problems that need work! ;)

> I'm happy to do most of those (except 'simplify the
> introduction' as I don't know enough about it), but I
> don't want to mess up your workflow by creating
> conflicts.
> Let me know when would be a good time for me to make
> those changes.

As said above, I'm working on those things... actually I did not take a
look at the applet doc and don't know what to do with the gconf section
(is it really useful?).


Milo Casagrande <milo_casagrande yahoo it>

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