easier navigation in manuals, and manuals that subdivide

I've finally figured out why the User Guide splits its
sections further into individual pages, but other
manuals don't -- it's the <chapter> tag.

I've noticed the manual for meld uses this.
I think it makes it a lot easier to read.

On the other hand, it encourages clumping of lots of
vaguely related topics in one section, and forces the
user to navigate a two-level hierarchy.

So I see two ways forward for manuals that are
starting to get unwieldy (as a stopgap until Mallard,
of course) -- examples include gucharmap, gedit, and

A. replace top-level <section> with <chapter>
B. Kill any section that is called "Usage" and split
it into sections with informative names. Impose
ourselves a rough limit on the number of subtopics
within any top-level section.


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