Re: yelp performance (Re: Successor to DocBook)


On 7:45:21 am 14/07/2006 Karl Eichwalder <ke suse de> wrote:
> Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org> writes:
> >  Maybe I'm wrong.  I'm not removing DocBook
> >  support from Yelp, and I'm not strong-arming
> >  anybody.  I rarely use my purported power to
> >  force anything.  Writers are ultimately free
> >  to tell me I'm off my rocker.
> I tried to read the SUSE Linux documentation (1000 pages and a bit
> more) in the XML format with yelp.  I took several minutes until yelp
> was ready with formatting and diplayed it for reading.  This is too
> long and we resorted to preformatted HTML files.
are you using latest libxml/libxslt. I recently poked on an issue we had
with slow doxbook index tag processing. Kasimier looked into it and came up
with nice fixes for libxml/libxslt. One major issue was that during e.g.
index generation of the gstreamer docs it was using 200 mb memory (it
created 44 million xpath objects). now this has been reduced by 50% already
and also other generic optimizations have been applied. the api docs for
gtk+ recently almost did not build on my laptop anymore (mem usage was
around 1.25 GB!!!).
xsltproc has a --profile switch. This feature allows to check where time is
spend and may help to speed up things for yelp as well.


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